① Adoption In Pauls Letter To The Galatians

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Adoption In Pauls Letter To The Galatians

Objective scholars think they are interpolations. See biblicalarchaeology. So as Adoption In Pauls Letter To The Galatians as we Adoption In Pauls Letter To The Galatians, these ordinary ossuaries have nothing to do with the New Testament Jesus. Adoption In Pauls Letter To The Galatians Compare and contrast absolute and relative ethics by Elizabeth Adoption In Pauls Letter To The Galatians. Pope Gregory X answered by Adoption In Pauls Letter To The Galatians 2 Dominican friars. A Worthy Worker by Elizabeth Haworth. This man summoned Barnabas and Saul and sought to hear The Honor Code Of Honesty word of Famous people aspergers. A Corporate Body by Elizabeth Haworth. By their silence, they lie!

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In Matthew and Luke Jesus referred to tithing as something that should not be neglected…. You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cummin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. Bill Miller source. There are many leaders who I greatly respect who would answer this question differently, but I really like how Rev. Bill Miller source answers it:. An honoring occurs when something that is of value to the one doing the giving is freely or voluntarily giving to someone as a sacrificial gesture of thanksgiving or appreciation.

Study all this out for yourself starting in Exodus But where is the scripture that says we can stop honoring God under the New Covenant? Billy Graham. Do we have any better invitation than to actually test it out and see if it really works? Most of us who do tithe were non-tithers at one point and had to step out in faith and overcome our fears to try it. My experience and in that of countless of our readers it is an essential part of living the Christian life to the fullest.

And when we are stepping out in faith, that is when we get to see God do the miraculous. And that my friend is what makes the Christian life so fun. Being a part of the amazing adventure that God leads us on if we obey His voice is one of my favorite things about being a Christian. Not to man. It is similar to how we are called to work heartily unto the Lord Col regardless of how terrible a boss we have because God is our promoter Ps who gets us where we need to be. God sees our hard work, and he honors that and promotes us at the right time. I believe it is no different with giving to the church. Our job is to give in faith and trust God to take care of the rest.

Yet you are robbing Me! You are cursed with a curse, for you are robbing Me, the whole nation of you. It is just a promise that we have available to us in Malachi that God will bless those who tithe. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. The fact is that HOW we give is of utmost importance. As with everything, man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Over the years of my giving journey, I have had plenty of moments where I was giving in faith. Moments where I could tell God was asking me to give beyond my comfort level. It just says that God loves it when we are. And as I have given in faith over and over through the years, I have found myself becoming more cheerful in those tough moments of obedience.

Each time you step out in faith and see God come through, it just makes it that much easier to get excited and cheerful about what God is going to do. Last year God called me to take a 1-year Sabbatical. But as I recounted all the times that God had called me to takes bold steps of faith — and how every single time He had come through — I began to get excited about it. For me, every major blessing in my life was preceded by a step of faith.

And it seems that the bigger the step of faith, the bigger the blessing on the other side. And as I began to let that dominate my thoughts, instead of the fear I began to get really excited about what God was going to do. A discussion about the first fruits could be a whole book by itself, but suffice it to say: to me, it is clear scripturally that God wants us to give from the first of our income. Not giving from what is leftover, but rather a deliberate and intentional giving of the first of our income that comes in. It means giving to God before you see if you are going to have enough. I am putting You first in my life, and I trust You to take care of the rest of the things in my life.

It is the primary way we acknowledge that God is first. But, tithing is really a test for us. If you do a Bible study on the number 10, you will see a pattern with it: it often represents a form of testing. The answer is How many commandments are there? Or how many days was Daniel tested in Daniel 1? In each case, the answer is, of course, 10…. In Matthew 25, 10 virgins had their preparedness tested. Ten days of testing are mentioned in Rev … the number 10 is associated with testing throughout the Bible.

So, for me, the bottom line is that I think the best thing we can do as Christians is to view ourselves as stewards and always be GROWING in our giving and never being complacent regardless of what percentage we are giving. I decided to write a whole article on this topic, which you can read here. Who does He use to do that? Us, the believers!

Romans We have been saved from eternal separation from God by grace! With all that we have been given, how can we do anything else but give all we have? What if we could get our minds off of our earthly bank accounts and focus instead on sowing things that will have eternal value. When we give tithes and offerings into our churches and into ministries that are reaching the world, we get to be included in their eternal reward. The amazing thing is that as we start getting our focus off of ourselves and on meeting the needs of others, we will have our needs taken care of. In theory, tithing is tax-deductible. But whether or not you can do it depends on your tax situation. Tithing comes under the tax deduction category of charitable contributions. That makes it tax-deductible.

The standard deductions are a lot higher than what they were for previous years. The new standard deductions have been dramatically increased due to the elimination of the personal exemption. The standard deduction is higher than the combination of the previous standard deduction, plus one or two personal exemptions, that apply for But at the same time, the new standard deduction limits are so high that far fewer people will be able to itemize. For more on the specifics of this check out is tithing tax deductible? Technically, if you are tithing on your gross income rather than net income , then you would have already tithed on that income, and it is simply money coming back to you.

But for more discussion on this, check out this post: do you tithe on your tax refund? My wife says I am good at math, so this is pretty simple to me, but I can sympathize with those who HATE math as much as she does. See how simple that is? Many churches are making online, mobile, and text giving available, and according to the statistics, all these options are actually increasing giving amounts. Here are a few:. Using some of the tools listed in the section above, you can make tithing automatic by automating it. That said, for some people creating a set-it-and-forget-it approach to giving is the easiest way for them to stay consistent with it. So if that is what you need to do, by all means, go for it.

I would just encourage you to regularly remind yourself of what is happening automatically and pray over your giving. For years I always thought the preacher was trying to get my money when he talked about tithing, but if you are a skeptic like I was then let me remind you that I have nothing to gain by encouraging you to tithe. You see, as a fellow believer, we are brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are on the same team. And God has put a fire in my heart to see His children get ahold of what the Bible says about money. God has done a work in my heart. Submitting to Him and yielding and trusting Him in this area has brought me so much closer to Him and I have gotten to be part of some miraculous adventures.

I also talk a lot more about my thoughts on if you should tithe while paying off debt in the video below:. I would love to hear your comments — so please share them below. Differing viewpoints are absolutely okay, just please be civil. He has been a full-time writer since and loves uncovering financial wisdom in the Bible as well as discovering the best tools and strategies to help you put more money in your pocket. Yes, there are more verses that mention the tithe in the old testament but so what?

We should read the Bible as one unit. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the tithe was never described as redemptive. If anything, this need grew exponentially. The word tithe literally means a 10th. This is the beginning of giving but not the end-all. There were other types of offerings that apply i. Most important, God gave us His very best — Jesus — to us so that we can have redemption, adoption, and fellowship. How many times do you see Abraham ever meeting up with Melchizedek after that one time? Your response seems to be a cookie-cut copy of historic and modern institutionalism, not something derived from any in-depth study of the scriptures.

She is a single mom to two boys, and works full time. I care for the boys at no cost when daycare is closed. I work full time and have had to take the day off when she comes home late. I loved reading this. But I personally feel that giving too and helping the less fortunate is what God wants me to do and it is always above and beyond a tenth of my resources and income. I truly believe that is my purpose. So I stopped going to church and kept doing what I am doing. And God is still blessing me. However I do have a problem when they question what I believe. I am not going to argue about my beliefs, I am just going to walk away and pray. Yes churches help communities but they do not reach everyone and every church does not have the same policies.

I just love Jesus and I love my Father in Heaven above all else. I love people and I never want to see anyone hungry or hurt. So I will continue what I do till I can find a church that is not bias about tithing. And I am truly blessed. Thank you for your eloquent words, I truly appreciate them. I love reading different opinions. Great comprehensive piece on what God expects. It was balanced an surely a blessing to me. Money is a very touchy topic in and out of church and many times i have questioned even my own views on this topic. I learnt of tithing when i just became a christian at age Back then i had no income. As soon as i got my first job at age 19, Tithing became a practice and i was proud.

I would testify every opportunity i got. I remember even testifying once how i boldly asked my land lady to allow me to pay her later. This was because i was determined to tithe. I also recall that that as life got more complicated it became mo difficult to tithe because i then realized the link between tithing and faith. I was even even keeping a track of my tithing. At the end of the year i would feel bad because i tithed 10 out of 12 months but when i looked at the total i felt better. As i grey more mature and studied the word It was clear to that tithing is about my relationship with God. I should not be concerned about the thoughts and actions of others. I have been blessed by God in ways that surprise me even now.

I believe in being a good steward of all thing that God has given me, and that is much bigger that tithing. I was blessed by the article. Thanks for sharing. I am interested to read about that 1 year sabbatical you mentioned. There is a church close to me that the pastor preaches strictly on grace and teaches that tithing is not new testament that that is why so many Christians walk around broke all the time and i have a friend that joined the church a few weeks ago and said she now believes his teaching but used to tithe i believe.

You missed the most important thing about tithing. Exactly what IS a tithe. You glossed right over it when you gave the scripture about Jesus rebuking the pharisees. Old testimony was different than new testament. Under grace our tithing is of one self. Our talents and abilities. Bring into the store house. Hello…lay up your treasures in heaven. Not here on earth. You have robbed me in both tithes and offerings. He is speaking of our worship. Our 1 on 1 time with him in prayer. Worship is our tithe and giving of ourselves is the offering. People listen to professors, preachers, theologians. They are under the John curse. We were never under the law. I am a gentile not a jew. Gentiles were grafted in under grace.

If people get their noses out of these sinful religious books and back into the only book. Let the word GOD himself teach you. Like God needs anything from you, other than to listen and read your bible. Too many people sit in church, WHY?? He said get out and be the church. He never said we needed man to teach us. I have 16 verses that say the opposite plainly. Who better to teach you than the word himself. People are leaning on the understanding of man instead of the truth of God.

This type of thinking is why Jesus said and few there be that find it. Pastors need to teach and preach Jesus. There is no place in a true believers life for religion, doctrine, philosophy, psychology, theology or vain philosophies of men. Read your bibles and throw those man educated degrees into the fire because they are worthless. Just like all these so called uplifting spiritual self help book. All of it the bible says is sin. Anything not of God is sin. Where is your faith?

Who and what are you believing in. Like sheep we are all being lead away to the slaughter. Jesus had a prayer request. He said when you see the harvest is ripe and ready. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth more laborers. Because the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. When was the last time you shared your testimony outside of church with someone?

I dare anyone…try me! Hello, I have a question. Should the money I use to give to the church now go into my ministry? Be encouraged! Most of all, it deepens our relationship with Him, and our understanding of His Father heart. The Lord convicted him eventually about this omission, impressing him that the Word either works everywhere, or nowhere. He had been keeping a blessing from his people, though he meant well. He obeyed the Lord and taught them the principle of tithing. The people began to do it, with immediate and amazing results—healings, increased productivity, opportunities, healed relationships, marriages.

What a nice article, you actually exploited most angles on the subject of tithing. In the new testament, Jesus Christ did not actually emphasized on tithing. What I am trying to say is that He did not carry it ahead in His ministry. They emphasised about giving , free will giving , giving because you love God. But with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ everything changed. Jesus Christ became the high priest after the order of Melchizedek Hebrews And Jesus Christ as our high priest has told us how we should give. He made emphasis on giving in general and He told us how to give, did not emphasis on tithing.

He made mention on clothing the naked, taking of the sick, and those in the prison and more. He said if you do these thing to theses group of people you are doing it to Him. You can please read more on the link below on how Jesus said we should give, and how we should give to God. In addition about tithing, in the new testament, giving in general and tithing are two different things, Jesus specified on giving which has a reward and did not talk about tithing. The disciples of Jesus Christ had a successful ministry which was not based on tithing or first fruit. People gave into their ministry out of love of God. The concept of tithing today has lead many astray , not experiencing the abundance of Gods riches. Read the verse below to understand more.

Deuteronomy — At the end of every three years you shall bring out all the tithe of your produce in the same year and lay it up within your towns. And the Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance with you, and the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow, who are within your towns, shall come and eat and be filled, that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands that you do. My question is , the church that is collecting tithes today what are they doing with it? The people collecting tithes do they have inheritance or not? When last they the whole church sat down and eat the tithes as one inviting strangers? Another question, did God asked Abraham to pay tithes? Did tithing make Abraham rich? There are many questions we should as ourselves.

I believe giving to church is very important, to support the ministry, paying of bill, support the pastor, finance the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping the poor, clothing the necked, feeding the hungry ,taking care of those in the hospital ect. These should be our main focus. If you act this way , taking out the conception of tithing the way its been perceived by many, trust God, you will experience abundance more than you could imagine. Got much to say but for now we should analyse those ones first. This is quite informative. Thank you for such an interesting article on this subject. I trust him, I will come all right.

I love the site! It has been a great blessing to me to read about everyone else success stories. It is very encouraging! I had my new wardrobe including cute shoes to match! God is great! I know that your post is from and you may never see this post seeing as how it is almost six years later. I just read this article and your comment jumped out at me. I hope and pray that you are in a blessed walk of life. I hope that you had a peaceful almost 6 years since this post and that all is well. I hope that you no longer have student loan garnishment and that you have a wonderful, well paying career that is rewarding both monetary and emotionally.

I do not know what your beliefs are… but I hope that your walk of life has shed truth and light on the obstacles in your path. I would like to tell something that I have learned in my walk of life. The job that I have is only mine because God allowed it to be. The car I drive, the home I live in are only available to me because I was blessed with them. Yes, I worked hard to earn them but my abilities and all that I know were not originally mine.

I learned well from the people God placed in my life and gained skill from the obstacles placed before me by my Heavenly Father. They were known by God before I ever thought of them. He loved them first and entrusted me to care for them. They were dependent on me and it is not my job to teach them to be independent, but rather… to teach them to be less dependent on me and more and more dependent on God.

If you believe that we are the creation and that God is the creator… then, everything already belongs to God. He simply asks that we realize that we are nothing without Him. I believe that God enjoys giving to us and blessing us, after all, we are his children. It fills me with joy to see that they understand how it feels to give. If your Heavenly Father looks at you or me and see our hearts what does that fill Him with. If the Lord can give this much it should be our goal to give as well. Tithing is more that giving a mathematical percentage. It is devoting your time and energy to a cause. It is spending your resources to give back. It is giving your love and kindness to a stranger expecting nothing in return.

God does more for us daily than we can even imagine, the very life we live is precious and priceless. Having said all of that I have to tell the other side of things too. It may seem like the words I just wrote are painting this perfect ideal life and I must not know hardships or pain. I would like to say that I have had my share of troubles and trials. I have shed tears and been sad and angry, and I have had moments of feeling like nothing is fair. I have been through every event up until now. I have also failed and had to learn and move on so the next time I could pass. I hope your walk of life has been full of joy among the hard times.

Look through a new pair of eyes and see the positive in all things. It is hard sometimes, that is the curse of man from the beginning. You may not ever lay eyes on this but someone else might. I truly hope and pray that all is well and that giving is something on your top priorities list. You are not alone, take a breath and seek the truth. Thank you very much, may God give me wisdom as far as tithing is concerned. I found that tithing is really a principle of faith. Have faith that the Lord will help you in your difficulties. Have faith that the Lord will provide for you and pay tithing first as you receive your money, and everything else will fall into place.

As it says in Malachi, try it and see. Pay on gross instead of net. To make all of this easier, I would say give of the heart and only of the heart. This way, you can actually be honest with God and not hold grudges because you feel like you gave too much. While there are many good churches out there, bad ones will always exist. If it is truly what the Lord would have me to give, it will satisfy the needs of the recipient.

This is why the NT emphasis on giving joyfully is so important. What we have in Christ is freedom. We are free to be miserly and be blessed accordingly and we are free to be generous and be blessed — not always financially, but sometimes financially and always spiritually — accordingly. Once we experience the joy of giving, it should encourage greater and greater giving. While there are many, many ways God blesses us as a result, one of them is finding how much better life is with a little bit less then we might otherwise be able to buy — contentment in Christ the only place it is truly found rather than attempting to find it in more stuff.

I believe that god speaks to your heart and lets you know what is best to do in your own personal situation. I think that for me, the Lord has just asked in my life to live in the spirit of giving… and who am I to argue? Malachi says to not rob God in tithes or offerings. But then after the tithe is transferred back to God it is His , then give offerings above and beyond your tithe. You will be blessed. My husband and I have decided within our hearts to give, and to give generously. However, more recently, we determined, after much prayer and discussion that our giving is better served by being given directly to those that are in need, within the Body, rather than simply our church as a building.

Because so much of it goes to administrative needs. I will agree that giving to the Body, in whatever capacity we give, has been a blessing; a tremendous blessing, and I would also encourage others to do so, as the Holy Spirit leads them. Thanks for letting me share. Be blessed! I totally agree with Shalene. We now give to those in need — the poor of the poor. We give to those as an example the typhoon in the Phllippines. The Bible speaks of those who are poor and widowed more than anyone. I was Treasurer of my church and I was not in agreement of how monies were spent. I still support them but most of our monies go to those we know for certain are in need.

We are not rich by any means, but giving is a blessing to us. I give to people in need when I see an opportunity, and they are many! Love your neighbor as yourself covers the whole law and the prophets! Galatians chapters 3 and 4 explain this perfectly! What are those pastors teaching? What are they doing? Most people fail to realize, from their lack of Bible study, that the OT tithe never had one solitary thing to do with wages earned by wage earners, like most of us here today, and yet many people are beat over the head every week by being told that they are robbing God by NOT forking over a minimum of a tenth.

By their silence, they lie! Thou hast been more faithful than most because thou hast put the needs of man-made organizations and real estate ahead of the needs of flesh and blood. Go unto thy great mansion I have prepared for thee, and look within upon all the play-pretties I have bestowed upon thee as reward for loving more those dead buildings than the destitute. Liberty never trumps obedience. Although we are free to give or not give, when we do give, placing buildings and hirelings before and above the needs of people is still a strong indicator of some serious heart-issues that must be addressed within the body of believers.

Mutual accountability is a powerful truth within scripture that most professing believers these days seem to dislike, and therefore reject. We cannot justify paying tithes in this new dispensation because Abraham did so! There are many other things that Abraham did that we have decided not to follow because we label them as Old Testament practices. Everything Abraham did, he did before the law: animal sacrifice, circumcision, tithing a one time event etc. So we can well argue that animal sacrifice is compulsory for the church today because it had been a standard practice from the beginning.

Abel did it, Noah did, Abraham did it, Isaac did it, Jacob did it and the list goes on. They definitely did it before the law was introduced. However, we do seem to forget that our relationship with God in this new dispensation is completely different from the relationship God had with Abraham. Abraham goes on a battle to rescue his relative, comes back victorious, meets a High Priest and decides to give a tenth of the recovered plunder to him and then proceeds to give the rest of the plunder to the King of Sodom.

How does that singular act become binding on us today? We are just misapplying scriptures and drawing our own conclusions because they seem plausible. We already have a hard time obeying clear-cut commands why then do we want make additional doctrines, which we know would be very difficult to obey? Talking about the consequences of noble deeds over simple obedience ask King Saul and Uzzah. King Saul was told to utterly destroy the Amalekites and everything they owned but he decided to spare the fat cattle to present as an offering to God.

Note they were not going to eat them but to offer them as a burnt offering unto God, how noble! Was God pleased? What about Uzzah? His actions could be attributed to zeal for the things of God. The cart carrying the Ark of Covenant stumbled and he held onto the Ark to prevent it from falling and God struck him dead. He was only trying to help! But God does not need your help! Back to Abraham and Melchizedek. He was already wealthy, he was already blessed and that did not come from him sowing seeds, paying tithes or giving offerings. It had nothing to with his actions. He was a liar and an adulterer.

We do not see any portion of scripture that cites this singular act as a standard requirement of our faith in God. If it was, the apostles would have mentioned it! Ananais and Saphira would definitely not have died; they could have argued that it was the tithe of the sale of their property that they brought. I read that now we should have peace with God. Many say that we should still fear Him. Which one is it? I am confused. Also, what about if we sin now? Are we just to confess our sin to Him or how does that work?

Linda, If we have peace with God through the finished work of Christ for us we have peace. There is no fear. In our new standing we are heirs of God and joint-heirs of Christ. We are His children. See Romans 8. When we sin, we are to acknowledge it and repent of it. We do not ask for forgiveness for God has told us we are forgiven. To ask for forgiveness is lack of faith. If God tells us we have something we are to believe Him! See my article, Identification with Christ. A fellow I considered very learned taught that we, as believes, should follow the instructions of I John and confess our sin so that we could be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

What are your thoughts on this? We can take the writing from others and use them applicationally as long as they are in concert with Paul. Paul never wrote for us to confess our sins. Paul wrote that we are forgiven but that if we sin we must repent. Am I in error? Thank you! Paul only mentioned repentance for the unbeliever once in his letters Romans 2. He used repentance a few times for sinning believers.

Thank you but still confused a bit. That same person I mentioned earlier posted the following verses today and so I am confused as to what they mean and was hoping you could give me more insight. To me he is making it sound as though we are to fear God. Or is it more like reverence now? Linda, We need to distinguish between fearing God in the sense of fearing Him because of judgment and fearing Him for Who He is. The unbeliever fears God because of guilt and fears God as judge. Believers are to fear God in the sense of reverence for Who He is.

Hi there, today I ran across this verses today and wanted to know your thoughts on them were ince you said we are forgiven already so if that is the cases what does the following mean? It seems as though we still ask for forgiveness. Sorry I am confused can you clear it up for me. Linda, You are confused for good reason. If you mix what John, Peter, James, etc. Paul taught we have been forgiven—past tense Ephesians 1. When we sin as believers we are to acknowledge it, repent of it, and thank God that he has already forgiven us. See my articles Nature of Man and Identification with Christ.

Would you share your thoughts on my understanding? My understanding is that Paul did preach repentance having a change of mind in the form of sanctification, a process of taking each thought captive and making it obedient to Christ by the cooperation of the believer with the work of the Holy Spirit in us. This is what I think is working out our salvation… I guess my question is… this repentance seems to suggest a preservation of physical life but a person would still have spiritual life… can this be a proper understanding?

In only one place in his letters does he mention repentance—Romans 2. While he preached this the Athenians in Acts 17, we do not find repentance emphasized to unbelievers as we find in with John the Baptist, Jesus, the Twelve. Repentance means a change of mind. Once saved we find many occasions to repent. So yes, Paul used it in terms of sanctification, not salvation. Castro, It means that under the gospel of the kingdom water baptism was required for salvation cf. Mark Jesus proclaimed this gospel as did Peter. Water baptism is unnecessary for salvation. They are two different gospels and salvations. Paul received his gospel from the risen, glorified Christ, not from Christ in His earthly ministry Galatians 1.

I need to know why people believe in Paul so much? Hopefully it will clarify some things for me. Raphael, Three quick comments: 1 Read his letters. Does he sound like a deceiver? He was gentle and loving, not someone who sought power. Why would anyone suffer like he did—he was a rising star in Judaism. He had it made! Read his testimony Acts 9, 22, Is this an American term? Or am I missing something? Grace Receiver, Vetted means examined, critically appraised.

Thanks, as always, and grace and peace. In Romans , it speaks of us, as believers being heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ if so be we suffer with him. Thank you so much for your website ministry! Julie, Thank you. Suffering for Christ was expected. We are beneficiaries of Christianity having become dominant. That is changing. The normal fare for true Christians is suffering.

Don, Your writings continue to bring clarity and comfort in a day and age when everywhere we turn there are those who would pervert the word of God to their own end. Thank you. Gary, Thank you. Salvation, technically justification, is immediate. Sanctification is a process. In this lifetime, God is conforming us to the image of Christ Romans 8. Due to our old nature we fail Romans 7.

But God is faithful. The true believer is one who wants to please God. It will have no Adamic nature what Paul called the flesh which wants to rebel against God. Be encouraged! If no why? Williams, Thank you. God continues to heal but not through men. Our greatest blessing is His Word and our relationship to Him through grace. The gospel of the grace of God Acts Galatians 1. It is available for all who will believe 1 Corinthians When a person believes the gospel which Paul preached 1 Corinthians You state: The blessings enumerated here are for those who have put their trust in Christ. Then proceed to reference John and John To whom was Jesus speaking?

Were Jews to believe that Jesus was the Messiah or that Jesus was to die on the cross as payment for the sins of the world? The Messiah. If I focus on Kingdom theology versus Salvation by Grace — Christ and Him crucified as the propitiation for our sins — how is it appropriate to reference kingdom theology regarding Gentile blessings as members of the body of Christ? There are several other references to kingdom teachings used to support the blessings of those who DEPEND on salvation found in Christ. Chuck, Thank you. Many of the benefits of salvation are shared by both OT saints and grace age believers. I was not trying to point out differences but similarities.

I have pointed out the difference in many other articles. Both OT believers and grace believers share redemption, sonship, eternal life, etc. Don, I understand your point. Thanks, Chuck. The misunderstanding of the fundamental truth of eternal security OSAS by much of so-called Christiandom seems to be the main factor that ultimately drives people into frustration and despair. It produces a powerless Christianity if you can call it Christianity at all in which one lives in constant turmoil and fear that God is going to get them. When I hear preachers spewing this junk and lay people giving this spiel before a praise and worship song, I literally cringe.

When I speak to these people and explain scriptural facts, they deny them and use other scriptures completely out of context to hold to their legalistic viewpoint and more than often than not they use James 2. I know of a few grace believers that say eternal security was offered to ot saintd like abraham david martha because of their faith. They also say that grace can never be combined ever with works for salvation, i would like your take on these arguments, thanks and God bless you! George, God is eternal life and that is the life He gives. Please see my article Faith vs. Works in James. The article, Assurance of Salvation, has an extended exchange with Brad? Doctrine, how should we as Christians approach the refugee problems we are seeing on TV.

What does the bible say about allowing refugees into our country from places that may not have our best interest at heart? Joe, As Christians, we can love and share the gospel with Moslems. But nationally, government exists to protect its citizens and ensure their liberty. We have no way to determine good from evil among these people. How does God work in the believers life?

Does He answer prayer and intervene directly in our lives? Thank you again. Dawn, God certainly answers prayer. It would be foolish for Paul to command us to pray without ceasing if God did not answer prayer. God works primarily through the revelation of His word and using circumstances to direct our paths. The Holy Spirit prevented Paul from going east into Asia. God opens some doors and closes others. Good Morning Don, Please will you explain Romand 8 verse I have begun hearing this from many people and have tried studying it but cannot understand its meaning. The creation had no say in this v. It groans v. This process will begin at the Rapture v. The Gospel of the Kingdom by Elizabeth Haworth. The Governed Life by T. The Greater Glory by Elizabeth Haworth.

The Greatest by Miles Stanford. The Greatest Love by Elizabeth Haworth. The Highest Love by Elizabeth Haworth. The Hope of Glory by Elizabeth Haworth. The Increase of God by T. The Inexhaustible Life by T. The Law of Christ by Elizabeth Haworth. The Law of Relativity by T. The Life Within by Elizabeth Haworth. The Mind of Christ by Elizabeth Haworth. The Mysteries of God by Elizabeth Haworth. The Name of Jesus by Elizabeth Haworth. The Nature of Christ by Elizabeth Haworth.

The Open Eyes-of-the-Heart by T. The Perfecting of Holiness by T. The Perfections of God by Elizabeth Haworth. The Price of Sin by Elizabeth Haworth. The Purpose of God by T. The Real Enemy by Miles Stanford. The Reality of 'Knowing' by T. The Reason Why by Elizabeth Haworth. The Sacrifice of Praise by Elizabeth Haworth. The Sacrifice of Silence by Elizabeth Haworth.

The Scarlet Thread by Elizabeth Haworth. The Spirit of Fellowship by T. The Superlative Person by Elizabeth Haworth. The Supreme Good by Elizabeth Haworth. The Word of Light by Elizabeth Haworth. This Life by Elizabeth Haworth. This Light Affliction by Elizabeth Haworth. This One Thing by Elizabeth Haworth. Thy Kingdom Come by Elizabeth Haworth. Touch Not! Training in Grace by Elizabeth Haworth. Travelling Home by Elizabeth Haworth. Triumph Through Weakness by T. Triumphant Trials by Miles Stanford. True Love by Miles Stanford. True Sanctification by Miles Stanford. Trust Me Alone by Elizabeth Haworth. Truth Triumphant! Truth, Or Consequences by Miles Stanford. Unobjectionable Object by Miles Stanford.

Upright Devotion by Elizabeth Haworth. Vanity of Vanities by Elizabeth Haworth. Verdant Vineyard by Miles Stanford. Wait Just Wait by Elizabeth Haworth. Wait Patiently Wait by Elizabeth Haworth. Walk Worthy by Elizabeth Haworth. Walking Together by Elizabeth Haworth. Warning Words by Elizabeth Haworth. What Faith? What Grace? What Love? What To Pray? Where Are You? Where Is Your Treasure? Where is Your Trust? Why Faith? Wisdom from Above by Elizabeth Haworth. Wise Words by Elizabeth Haworth. Witness to Grace by Elizabeth Haworth. Words of Wisdom by Elizabeth Haworth. Tested By Fire by T. Your Choice by Elizabeth Haworth. Zeal's Precocity by Miles Stanford. Ephesians Hebrews John Habakkuk Philippians Titus Psalm Matthew Song of Solomon Obadiah Genesis Luke Colossians Jude Daniel Galatians Joshua Lamentations Isaiah Philemon Jeremiah Romans Hosea Revelation James Proverbs Numbers Jonah Exodus Mark Ezra Malachi Nahum Micah Acts Deuteronomy Zephaniah Judges Leviticus Nehemiah Job Ruth Haggai Ezekiel Joel Ephesians 1 Corinthians Romans more.

Amazing Love Easter Reflections - 5. John Luke Luke Romans John 1 John more. Colossians 1 John Titus more. His Great Heart of Love. Mark 2 Corinthians John Acts John Love Draws And Conforms. Jeremiah John John more. Philippians Philippians Hosea Hebrews John

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